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Achieve operational excellence ! 
Increase funding !

The UNA Nonprofit Organizational Credential program offers 9 unique badges, based on best practices, geared toward the intermediate level that are designed for nonprofit leaders, staff, and board members. These badges are highly interactive and provide plug and play applications with tools for your organization to use immediately.

The UNA Nonprofit Organizational Credential also provides donors and volunteers a way to identify nonprofits that stand out in efficiency and impact. The 9 badges represent the components of a holistic, well run nonprofit. Upon completion of all 9 badges, an organization will receive the UNA Organizational Credential.


"Involvement in UNA continues to be a great investment of time and energy! I rely on the professionalism and guidance of UNA to provide practical…
"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the Organizational Culture Module. I am a new Executive Director of a Local Arts…
"As the leader of an emerging organization, I found the Finance & Legal credential to be incredibly helpful. Best Practices were clearly defined and toolkits…
"…the board should have noses in and fingers out… "
"The most important part of a board is its creativity. "