Volunteer Management


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Organizations that make volunteers a key part of their work and manage them well are able to see 3-6 times their return on investment. There is a strong correlation between the ability to manage volunteers well and overall organizational effectiveness. Research has shown that nonprofits who utilize volunteers year-round and have a strong volunteer management model outperform their peers in all organizational capacities. Isn't it time to strengthen your volunteer management?

Upon completion of this training course, trainees will be able to:

  • Integrate volunteer management into their organization's overall planning and development
  • Secure senior leadership support and resources for strong volunteer management practices
  • Develop and implement effective volunteer-related training organization-wide
  • Recruit, track, and communicate with volunteers digitally

In order to receive the Volunteer Management Badge, the organization must submit the following items to UNA to be reviewed:

Organizational Volunteer Needs Assessment: Must provide volunteer needs of organization & proof of discussion (agenda, minutes, surveys, etc.)
- Volunteer Program Evaluation Results: Must include at least 2 action items for improvement

- Organizational Volunteer Vision Statement: Reviewed and approved by executive team and/or Board Chair
- Volunteer Management in Strategic Plan: Demonstrate volunteer engagement as an objective or performance measure of success
- Resource Allocation for Volunteer Program: Identify the "who" and "how much" for implementation of each applicable evidence piece
- Short Pitch and/or Infographic: Must demonstrate the important role of volunteers in achieving the organization's mission, and a plan for sharing with board, donors, and leadership team
- Recruitment Strategy: Provide a robust recruitment strategy with implementation timeline
- Volunteer Application: Provide a copy structured to fit needs of organization and potential volunteers
- Targeted Outreach Plan: Provide proof of identification of and communication with partner organization to improve outreach
- Job Description: Provide a copy that highlights all necessary components as discussed during the course
- Prospective Volunteer Follow-up Procedure: Provide a written procedure flow chart or outline of the intake process after a volunteer submits an application
- Training Plan for Staff Integration: Identify two training action items and implementation strategy/timeline to integrate staff and volunteers for organizational cohesion
- Volunteer Handbook: Provide a copy including all elements covered during the course
- Volunteer Self-Assessment Form: Provide a copy and implementation strategy
- Tracking Tool & Reporting Plan: Provide written reporting strategy/timeline including to whom the report is given.
- Recognition Plan: Submit written operational plan for volunteer recognition and rewards including customization for demographic diversity
- Technology: Provide evidence of at least 3 of the following available to volunteers online: Job Description, Application, Evaluation, Tracking Hours, Targeted Outreach, Recognition, Orientation/Training.
- Diversified Funding Strategy: Provide evidence that current & past volunteers are given the opportunity to donate including details of method & frequency.



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