Nonprofit Organizational Credential Programming

Individuals and organizations alike benefit from participating in UNA's Credential programming. Taught by Subject Matter Experts (SME), this training, specifically designed for nonprofits that want a clear, path for increasing capacity and sustainability, provides a structured environment that supports learning state-of-the art information and its integration into the day-to-day operations of your nonprofit. 


Programming begins with two days of classroom training that delivers an intermediate level of content. Shortly after the classroom training, your team will meet with the SME to talk through concerns specific to your nonprofit. The SME remains available to you for four months following this consultation to provided support as you integrate what you’ve learned (in the form of best practices) into your nonprofit. Your successful integration of these predetermined best practices earns your nonprofit a UNA Badge for this topic. It also prepares you for your next career challenge. 


Both nonprofits and individuals benefit. Implementing best practices means greater organizational capacity, which in turn means sustainability. Earning a Badge is an achievement worth sharing with funders and constituents. It tells then that your organization is interested in doing better to do more. 


Shepherding an organization through the process of earning a Badge, gives you a real sense of accomplishment as well as exposure to new concepts and ways of looking at your responsibilities. It makes you more skilled at our current job and helps prepare you for the next challenge on your horizon.  


UNA offers Nonprofit Organizational Credential programming in nine areas essential to nonprofits. Once an organization has completed all nine Badges, UNA confers Nonprofit Organizational Credential status on that organization. To date, only one organization has earned UNA’s Nonprofit Organizational Credential.