Nonprofit Organizational Credential Courses

UNA's Nonprofit Organizational Credential (NOC) creates a path for nonprofits to follow to develop best practices in nine critical areas. UNA's NOC provides the structure, subject-matter experts, and technical expertise for nonprofits to build capacity. Capacity building is an essential component toward the creation of sustainable, effective organizations.

UNA's Nonprofit Organizational Courses in augment the capacity of participating organizations to fund essential programming. Under the guidance of a dedicated, caring subject-matter expert, participating organizations create a well-thought out, effective program for the topic at hand. Depending on the course, the execution of the plan may create more dollars for mission, (Fundraising and Development), reduced staff turnover (Human resources), an engaged constituency (Advocacy and Civic Engagement), or a strategy for effectively communicating with your audience (Marketing and Communications), etc..
The course consists of three elements: Classroom Session 1, Classroom Session 2 and a workshop. The first two classroom sessions deliver state-of-the-art information. With this new information, you will initiate the creation of best-practices for your organization at the third session, the workshop. This course is one of nine UNA Nonprofit Organizational Credential courses designed to help your organization thrive. Courses include both classroom instruction and workshops so you can quickly implement what you learn.