Nonprofit Organizational Credential Courses

Programming provides nonprofits with the resources they need to build capacity and sustainability. Programming guides participants through the application of state-of-the art information and resources to their nonprofit. The outcome of this application, best practices, leads to greater capacity and sustainability. Once participants demonstrate that their organization has adopted best practices in a particular area that organization earns a badge.


Nonprofit Organizational Credential Programming caters to nonprofit professionals who find their passion, desire for meaningful policies, and intent to make meaningful contributions to their organizations swamped by other pressing issues and competing priorities.


Programming includes classroom training sessions, performance coaching, and ongoing support. Classroom instructors, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) with deep nonprofit cred, synthesize and condense state-of-the-art material into two classroom sessions (normally held on back-to-back days) focused on delivering practical information and resources. (This synthesis means that nonprofit professionals don’t have to research and gather best practices on their own.) The classroom setting provides participants the opportunity to learn from, and at times commiserate with, nonprofit professionals from other organizations.


Participants take this new knowledge back to their organizations and begin applying it to their organizations’ policies and procedures. A couple of weeks after the classroom training, they reconvene with their instructor for a one- (organization)-on-one workshop. During the workshop, participants work with the SME to find answers to questions and challenges specific to their organization. If they are ready — and most organizations are not — they present their documentation for badge review during their workshop session. Most use their workshop time to find answers on how to integrate what they’ve learned into their organization.


Armed with new resources, participants return to their organizations and work on integrating these new resources into their organization, reaching out to their SME for feedback as needed. Once they’ve demonstrated that they have incorporated the information into their organizations to the satisfaction of the SME and UNA, the organization earns a Badge. Badges offer leadership and constituents a tangible way to show their commitment to sustainability.


UNA offers Nonprofit Organizational Credential programming in nine areas essential to nonprofits. Once an organization has completed all nine Badges, UNA confers Nonprofit Organizational Credential status on that organization. To date, only one organization has earned UNA’s Nonprofit Organizational Credential.