Fundraising & Resource Development


UNA Credential Schedule 


The Fundraising and Development course is currently full. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please email Jill Bennett


Course Dates:
Classroom Training Part 1: Wednesday, February 26, 2020   9:00 am-3:00 pm
Classroom Training Part 2: Thursday, February 27, 2020   9:00 am-3:00 pm
Consultations*: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 (rollover day Thursday, April 2)   
(lunch will be provided for both classroom training sessions but not the consultation day)

*Consultations provide participants an opportunity for more deeply integrating the concepts and practices covered in the program. We'll schedule each participating organization for a 45-minute consultation on April 1 (If we have more participating organizations than time-slots, we’ll add appointments on April 2.)

UNA Member Rate: $150 for the first person/$30 for each additional participant
Non-Member Rate: $300 for the first person/$60 for each additional participant

UNA Office
4900 S. Highland Dr., Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(above Mountain America Credit Union)

About Fundraising and Resource Development: 

Nonprofits provide donors with ways to support the community, causes and organizations they value. As agents of philanthropy, nonprofits have an ethical and fiduciary obligation to handle funds appropriately, honor donors' wishes and have sufficient funds to carry out its mission.

This badge builds the organizational capacity of your fundraising and resource development program. These four main topics:

  • Ethical and Effective Fundraising: Do you take a best practices and highest standards approach when generating resources?
  • Funding Diversity Strategies: Do you have a diverse funding portfolio and/or are you diversifying your portfolio effectively?
  • Resource Planning and Evaluation: Do you have an effective goal setting, planning, and evaluation process?
  • Staff and Board Roles: Do you involve stakeholders effectively and appropriately?

Nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes, and so do donors and funders. Module activities are tailored for small, mid-sized, and large organizations.

In order to receive the Fundraising & Resource Development Achievement Badge, the organization must submit the following items to UNA to be reviewed:

Ethics Policy—Provide the portion of your organization’s ethics policy that relates to resource development. Include revision or version date.

Gift Acceptance Policy—Provide a copy of your gift acceptance policy. Include revision or version date.

Donor Bill of Rights—Provide a copy of your organization’s Donor Bill of Rights or similar document provided by your organization to its donors which designates their rights as donors. The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has a sample your organization may choose to adapt and/or adopt. Include revision or version date.

Training—Proof of ongoing ethics training; for example, a training calendar, sample of recent ethics training, document outlining how ethics trainings occur in the organization or similar proof.

Donor Cycle—Document how you track where your organization is at with donors in each of the Donor Cycle stages (identifying, cultivating, soliciting, reporting). For example, answer the following: How do you track potential donors? How do you track donors with whom you are cultivating relationships and who is doing the cultivating? How do you track the donors to whom you have solicited donations? How do you track donor reporting deadlines and what needs to be reported?

Resource Development Planning/Goals—Proof that the organization has concrete long- and short-term resource development goals and methods of assessing progress towards those goals. Examples of this may include a strategic resource development plan, a list of organizational priorities, a matrix citing goals and deliverables, a performance dashboard or similar proof.

Funding Portfolio—Document ways in which you have diversified your funding portfolio.

Personalizing Solicitations—Provide 2-3 examples of how your organization personalizes its case for support to funders from broad range of backgrounds, interests and/or fields.

Internal Coordination—Document the ways in which your organization coordinates resource development efforts with financial management efforts and with marketing and communication efforts.

Role Descriptions—Provide a copy or template of your organization’s resource management role descriptions. Where applicable, provide separate role descriptions for staff, volunteers and/or board members.

NOTE: The documentation on the requirements requesting explanation need not be lengthy. Clear, concise statements on how the organization meets the requirement listed are sufficient. In most cases, three or four lines of description should suffice.

Instructor: Lisa Maxwell 

Lisa Maxwell Headshot

Lisa Maxwell has been actively involved in nonprofit organizations for 23 years as an Executive Director, Development Director, Board Member, volunteer and consultant. She is currently a Major Gift Officer at Intermountain Foundation, leading philanthropy efforts providing donors a unique opportunity to advance medicine and dramatically redefine healthcare. Her sessions will highlight best practice models along with the practicality of implementation. Working with organizations such as Intermountain Healthcare, Boys & Girls Clubs, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Madeleine Choir School, Junior League, USFR, and a variety of small to mid-sized organizations. Lisa is looking forward to helping you build organizational capacity and cultures of philanthropy.