Volunteer Management


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UNA Volunteer Management Brings Updated Best Practices to Your Organization
Engaged, talented and committed volunteers are a critical resource for successful nonprofits. They bring willing hands and a passion for the mission that uplifts and impacts the nonprofit staff and the community at large.
Developing and implementing a strategy for volunteer integration delivers organizations a return as high as 6X. UNA’s Volunteer Management Organizational Credential provides a path for participating organizations to create that strategy.
Volunteer managers will develop the tools to approach program changes in a strategic way and increase overall organizational effectiveness. Volunteer coordinators dive deeply into traditional topics - like recruitment and retention - and gain mastery over new topics in this brand new, never before taught curriculum.

Upon completion of this training course, trainees will be able to:

  • Integrate volunteer management into their organization's overall planning and development
  • Secure senior leadership support and resources for strong volunteer management practices
  • Develop and implement effective volunteer-related training organization-wide
  • Recruit, track, and communicate with volunteers digitally

In order to receive the Volunteer Management Badge, the organization must submit the following items to UNA to be reviewed:

  1.  Targeted Outreach Plan: complete a targeted outreach strategy for three organizational goals
  2.  Prospective Volunteer Follow-up Procedure: Provide a written procedure flowchart or outline of the intake process after a volunteer submits an application
  3.  Recognition Plan: Submit written operational plan for volunteer recognition and rewards including customization for demographic diversity.
  4.  Volunteer Experience Plan: Submit written operational plan for volunteer feedback, develop data gathering tools on the volunteer experience and/or submit new ones.
  5.  Corporate Pitch and/or Infographic: Must demonstrate the important role of volunteers in achieving the organization's mission, and a plan for sharing with board, donors, and leadership team.
  6. Tracking Tool & Reporting Plan: Provide written reporting strategy/timeline including to whom the report is given.
  7.  Impact and Value Measurement Materials: submit a list of interview questions, list of clients to interview.
  8. Training Plan for Staff Integration: Identify two training action items and implementation strategy/timeline to integrate staff and volunteers for organizational cohesion.
  9. Job Description: Write a detailed job description specifically targeting an non-traditional volunteer.



Jacob Johnson

Jacob UServeUtah 2017

Jacob Johnson is a native of the beautiful state of Colorado. He loves being outdoors and is grateful for Utah’s beautiful national and state parks. Jacob has volunteered with wonderful nonprofit organizations in Utah, including TeensACT and Community Action in Provo. Jacob, a recent graduate of BYU, will begin a Master in Public Administration this fall.