Frequently Asked Questions

What is a badge? 

  • Badges are used to showcase achievement. Similar forms of rewards have been around for centuries in the form of ribbons, arm badges, and buttons. This allows for the organization to show they are operating with best practices. Each badge represents a certain aspect that a nonprofit needs to run an effective nonprofit. 
  • An opportunity for nonprofit to significantly strengthen their organization
  • A tool for nonprofits to align their internal structure to show the community they are effectively able to deliver on their mission
  • A tool for nonprofits to message their capacity to the community
  • A website tool to assist funders in determining funding to nonprofits when they receive new applications or what may look like proposals from multiple nonprofits offering similar services
  • A source for funders to recommend to nonprofits who they have denied funding
  • An interactive experience to learn from exceptional presenters, funders and community leaders
  • A time to work on your organization documents
  • Tool kits for your organization

What is the difference between a badge and a credential?

  • UNA will reward a nonprofit an Nonprofit Organizational Credential when they have completed all 9 badges. This means that nonprofit has all documents in place and runs an effective nonprofit using best practices. 

Who are the classes designed for?

  • These classes are designed for CEO's, Executive Directors, or any lead staff.

What is the workshop?

  • The workshop will be held several weeks after the last class to bring all the attendees and instructors back together. This workshop will be a time to start working on the evidence list with the instructor, ask questions, and to keep everyone accountable.

Do I have to live in Salt Lake City, Utah to take a badge?

  • No, you do not have to live in Salt Lake City to take a badge, but the majority of credential courses are taught at the UNA offices in Salt Lake City. We are not taking all 9 badges state-wide, but we are taking certain to Logan, Ogden, Provo, Moab, and St. George. Click here for topics, dates, & times.

Is this for individual professional development or organizational development?

  • These badges are designed to develop best practices for your organziation. Of course, with taking these in-depth classes, the individual grows their own professional development. The goal is to elevate your organization to the next level.

How long will it take for my organization to complete a badge?

  • The classes are 9 hours of seat time but doesn't mean the badge is complete. Each badge requires certain evidence to upload. It may take up to 3 months to complete depending how far along you are in the list. 

Can my organization receive all 9?

  • Yes you can!